Terms of Reference - National Competitiveness Commission

Terms of Reference

National Competitiveness Commission Act (Chapter 14:36)

Overall Functions;

The overall functions of the Commission in terms of section 6 of the Act are as follows:-

  • Enable a competitive environment for Zimbabwean businesses through the development, coordination and implementation of key policy improvements designed to achieve global competitiveness;
  • Outline the main competitiveness challenges facing the business sector in Zimbabwe and proffer policy responses to deal with the challenges that would have identified;
  • Engage in dialogue with Government, industry, academia to get feedback on data and analysis, add qualitative inputs, and ensure validity of conclusions and recommendations;
  • Identify sectors of the Zimbabwean economy that have potential for global competitiveness, whilst also paying due attention to issues of the structure and size of industry, technology gaps and skills, and infrastructure and modernization needs;
  • Undertake research and maintain a comprehensive nationwide statistical database to be used in the analysis of competitiveness across all sectors of the economy;
  • Develop periodic competitiveness frameworks and strategies;
  • Monitor evolving sector specific subjects and strategies for enhancing Zimbabwe’s global competitiveness;
  • Provide a platform for dialogue between the public and private sector, labour, academia and non-state actors on the subject of competitiveness;
  • Build awareness and advocacy on matters related to competitiveness;
  • Produce an annual benchmarking report on national competitiveness to be called the National Competitiveness Report;
  • Review all price changes by the Government, statutory corporations and local authorities when charging or levying user fees, rates, penalties and fines payable by the public and clients through linking such changes to competitiveness;
  • Development, coordination and implementation of key income and pricing policies that will enhance Zimbabwe’s competitiveness;
  • Continuously monitor the cost drivers in the business and economic environment, and advise on measures to be taken to enhance productivity and address current and emerging costs challenges;
  • Review all existing and new business regulations to ascertain their impact on the cost of doing business and recommend amendments or repeals where appropriate to enhance competitiveness;
  • and Perform any other functions that may be conferred or imposed upon the Commission by the Act or any other enactment.